Got more to do than time to do it???
Figure out exactly where to focus your limited time & energy using the "Pinpoint Your Priorities"(TM)  notepad!

Keep all your tasks organized in one handy place! No more losing track of tasks because they're written in different places or cluttering up your planner with a messy list of your million to-do's.

Avoid overwhelm and maximize productivity by keeping your tasks prioritized so you have crystal-clear "marching orders" about what to do—and in what order!

My signature "5 D's" formula walks you through five simple steps to whittle your to-do list down in no time! Implementing this method gives you unparalleled clarity on which tasks have to happen now, by you, and to the very best of your ability so that you can drop, defer, delegate, and dumb down all the rest!

This science-backed process helps you do more, stress less, and have peace of mind from truly aligning your time with your values! 

"You have such a gift in being able to help others in this realm, and I am so thankful you share that gift with us!"

Karen Novak,

Each high quality notepad contains 50 full color, 11" x 8.5" rip-off sheets of premium-bond paper in landscape format with a sturdy cardboard backing.

Plenty of space to brain-dump up to 20 tasks at a time, complete with seven different considerations to assess for each one in order to then determine which of the 5 strategies that task best fits under.

Choose your own frequency: Use one sheet per day, per week, or as often as you need to stay on top of all you both have and want to do.

JUST $13.99 EACH!

(That's only 28 cents a sheet!)

Makes a great gift!

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    Amber Curtis, PhD

    Juggling my demanding career with having 3 (soon to be 4!) kids was anything but easy - until I figured out what's scientifically shown to help us DO MORE + STRESS LESS.

    My mission is to share everything I've learned with YOU so that you, too, can free up more time & energy for who & what you LOVE.